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Personal financial advice – is it worth it?

Personal financial advice can give you the confidence that your future plans are achievable.

Because, taking an active interest in your financial situation is a necessary step to protect yourself and your family.

As a result, the type of financial advice you need depends on your life stage, the amount of money you have to invest and the complexity of your affairs.

If you want a recommendation that takes your own situation into account, you need personal financial advice.

Hence, this allows you to sort out your financial goals and develop a plan to achieve them over time.

That’s where a good Financial Adviser comes in. Many believe in starting with the end goal in mind.

Therefore, it is never too late to start your financial journey, from understanding your finances, income, expenses, to setting up a budget, or ways to control your spending.

Above all, personal financial advice is often most valuable when you’re going through big life events, such as starting a family, being retrenched or managing an inheritance. Similarly, it’s also great for less immediate goals like growing your super or planning for retirement.

How personal financial advice can help you

  • Set and achieve your financial goals
  • Make the most of your money
  • Get any government assistance you’re entitled to
  • Feel more in control of your finances and your life
  • Avoid expensive mistakes
  • Protect your assets

Personal financial advice value adds by helping you sort out your financial goals. With a plan, you are investing money to achieve a desired outcome.

Similarly, if you are a person who puts things off, advice will help turn thought into action. It allows you to put the right strategies in place, or come up with realistic goals.

Even more so, it’s crucial to talk to someone who is a licensed financial adviser, as they can help you understand the scope and type of personal financial advice needed:

  • Simple, specific advice on one issue addresses a particular aspect of your finances. An example is the best way to contribute to your super.
  • Broader financial advice involves a comprehensive financial plan to set goals and covers investments, insurance and superannuation and retirement planning. Above all, with a strategy, you can control it and go back for further advice if the need arises.
  • Ongoing advice is for those wanting their financial affairs managed. You might consider establishing an ongoing service. This is with an adviser and usually involves regular reviews to reassess goals, financial position, strategy and investments.

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