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We will help you find the best car loan rates or best car finance rates from our panel of top 30 car loan lenders. However, we are legally obliged to tell you that our panel of lenders will never be able to represent all of the available lenders in the marketplace. Our carefully chosen best car finance panel represents a broad range of major and minor lenders. These are all lenders who can provide you with an extremely competitive offering, no matter what your requirements are. Similarly, we know it will provide you with a great range and choice. Just request a 10 Second Online Quote.

Compare and save on your car loan

We also know that our average client does not have the time to spend hundreds of hours searching for the best car loan rates or best car finance deal, so they ask us to help them save both time and money with great recommendations on car loans. In just a few minutes, we will show you which lender is likely to approve your loan. In addition, we will give you an idea of the best car finance rates that are available to you.

Why can’t, or shouldn’t I, do it myself?

You can find the best car loan rates yourself if you spend hundreds of hours scouring the web, or you just get lucky – you’ll probably never really know though. However, most people need a broker to help them navigate the car loan maze to find the best car finance deal for them. Every lender has a different set of criteria they use to determine how they will price your loan. As a result, it’s nothing like shopping for a home loan.

What factors determine the price of my best car loan deal?

For the best car loan rates, factors such as whether you:

  • use your car for business or personal purposes
  • the age of the car
  • whether you own your home, are paying it off, or renting
  • the type of car you are buying
  • the type of finance you are looking for
  • your credit report and/or score
  • how long you have been in your job and lived in your current address

are just some of the factors that determine the price you’ll end up paying for the best car loan. Our experienced car finance professionals will analyse all of this for you and provide you with an easy to read summary and recommendation for your best car finance.

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Excellent service quick and stress free Michael took the stress out of the loan process, and got us the best interest rate

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How can I get the best car loan rates?

The best car loan for you will come down to your individual circumstances. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. When comparing a car loan, factors such as how long you want to borrow the money for and whether you want to pay it out early can also weigh in on the final choice you’ll make.

Can I buy a used car from a private seller?

Yes, with some lenders, the rate will not change if you buy privately or from a dealer. Also, some lenders will require you to engage a third-party inspector to view the car prior to settlement. Alternatively, we can recommend a lender that will provide you with a great price and the flexibility you require.

How much can I spend?

That’s exactly what our experienced brokers can tell you. Fill in the Quick Quote form and we’ll send you back some numbers.

I am self-employed, does this make a difference?

Yes, it can sometime mean that your interest rate will be even cheaper. It’ll depend upon your individual circumstances.

Can I buy the car in the name of my business?

If you run a business, then of course. However we’d encourage you to check with your Accountant first.

I have bad credit, can I still get a loan?

We have been helping people with bad credit for over 15 years.

Hints and Tips

Brokers can equal better deals

Finding the best interest rate is only half the job of a broker, if you are to find the overall best deal. A broker will also help you to get your loan approved. We’ll take the time to quickly understand your individual situation prior to providing you with a written quote. At You Can Finance we have an extensive panel of lenders and over 15 years of industry experience and are confident that we can assist you in finding a great deal.

What can I do to get the best deal?

Long term stable employment and the time you have lived in both your current and previous homes go a long way to making a lot of lenders feel comfortable that you will be a low risk borrower. If the lender feels that you are low risk, then you’ll more likely be eligible for the best car loan deals. However, there are more important things in life that override your decisions to move jobs or homes. So focus on things like making sure that you pay your bills on time and avoid getting any reversals or dishonours on your bank statements, as these can often lead you further away from the best deals.